Jamie Wood 

When Alexandra approached me with her idea for this photo shoot, I instantly thought of Richard Scary’s Busy Town, with all of his signature animal characters and silly cars filling the main street of a quaint town. We wanted our “busy town” characters to pop with an exaggerated three-dimensional feel, so we decided on a graphic, two-dimensional "town" on white cardboard. To plan out the installation, I used the Google Maps street view feature to “walk” down Washington DC’s M Street in Georgetown and pick my favorite buildings. In fact, many of the facades in the illustration are exact replicas of the historic buildings along M street! On the day of the shoot, we added tiny wreaths and pine trees to give the town that bustling holiday spirit and let the Erie Drive product take care of the rest.

Jamie Wood is a freelance stylist and creative consultant with a background in display installation and visual merchandising. You can see more of her work here and follow her on Pinterest here.


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