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Bob's Your Uncle A-Z Animal Flashcard Set


This colorful and fun Bob's Your Uncle A-Z Animal Flashcard Set featuring illustrations by renowned artist Mark S. Fisher is a vibrant, over-sized learning tool. Packaged in a craft box and made of heavy card stock, one side of each A-Z flashcard displays both the upper and lower case of letters along with a portion of the animal. The alternate side of each alphabet and animal flashcard presents the full silhouette of the animal while offering a fun fact about it.

The Bob's Your Uncle A-Z Animal Flashcard Set is a great way to promote scholarship, creativity and culture!

A note from Creative Director Alexandra Grenham:

"Even before there was ever an Erie Drive, I wanted to buy these flashcards; they are just so bright and pretty. Each card includes not only the letter and an animal, but a fun fact about the animal too. They're like little individual pieces of artwork that work great as a collection. If you check out the alternate images, you can see how I've hung them in my daughters' room."

Designer: Mark S. Fisher for Bob's Your Uncle

Dimensions: 9.25" x 7.25"

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