Guest Blogger: Chelsea's Picks

Posted June 06, 2013


Hello! My name is Chelsea Kim and I'll be guest blogging for Jamie Wood today. I am the new Marketing and Public Relations Intern for Erie Drive and I am very excited for the awesome summer we have ahead of us! I'm originally from Seattle, WA but I moved to the Boston Area for college. I love all things relating to design and in my free time, I write a fashion blog called United States of Chelsea

Today, I'd like to share some of my favorite current picks from our store! These items are great for trend-loving college students like me, but also for anyone who's looking to add a bit of flair to their everyday life. 

Izola Maritime Soap Dish, $19.99

I love this ceramic soap dish because it's so versatile. Not only is it great for keeping your soaps clean, but it can also serve as a cute catch-all for small miscellaneous items. Personally, I would use it to hold my everyday rings and small bracelets! The anchor design also fits perfectly into summer's favorite nautical trend. 

iPhone 4/4S Hard Shell Cover - Sprinkles, $8.99

I'm always on the lookout for fun and unique phone covers and this one fits the bill perfectly. This sweet cover is sure to be a favorite for all the ice cream lovers out there (including me!).

Stud Earring Holder, $29.99

Finally, a fun and practical answer for every earring-wearer like me! These holders will do all the work for you and keep your earrings and backs organized. I love that I can just toss them in my purse when I'm on-the-go and never have to worry about having mismatched earring sets.

Thomas Paul R Patz Sunglass Case, $21.99

I get worried that my sunglasses will get scratched or broken every time I have to toss them into my bag, but with this case I won't have to! I love the fun printed design on this case and it's the perfect way to protect and store your favorite pair of sunglasses.

Jonas Damon Areaware Wood Alarm Dock for iPhone 5, $34.99

If you're like me, you probably use your iPhone as your alarm clock too and I love how this dock transforms your phone into a cool retro alarm clock. It also lets you charge your phone so you'll be all set to go in the morning! 

Rhadi Living Mexico Collection Eagle Pillow, $111.99

The colorful and whimsical design on this pillow immediately caught my eye! I think it adds the perfect punchy accent to any bed or couch. 

Thomas Paul Elephants Bandana, $21.99

I love the vibrant pattern on this bandana and it's also so versatile. You can wear it as a scarf around your neck, tie it on your head as a headband, or if you're like me, tie it on your bag for the perfect summer accent! 

I hope you were able to find some fun inspiration with my picks! Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on all of our newest items! 

Thanks for reading! 

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Brimfield Adventures 2013

Posted May 20, 2013

Please view our short video from our trip!

Love the video? Want to see more of our trip to Brimfield?
Follow this link: 

Hi! My name is Stephanie Berenson, and I am enthused to be the marketing and photography intern for Erie Drive this summer. This week, I am guest blogging for Jamie, and I wanted to share my firsthand experience on our trip to the famous Brimfield Antique Show. The show consists of football fields upon football fields lined with vendors of all kinds ranging from beautiful antiques to juicy hotdog stands where you can grab a bite to eat. It is the largest antique show in the country.

People often inquire how Alexandra chooses all of the items to purchase and then sell on the website. One thing that makes Erie Drive so unique is that we sell items that are both new and old. Brimfield is one of the places where we find most of our Rare Finds.

Something that I have in common with many of the blog readers and shoppers of Erie Drive is that I had never been to Brimfield before last week. I hope that my first account experience, photographs, and videos can give you a "hands on" feel and a day in the life of buying with Alexandra.


This is one of the many booths that you can visit when roaming around Brimfield. You can find the most interesting items such as gigantic numbers and letters as well as purses made out of old license plates.

The unique colors, patterns, and ability to lift the eyebrows with a string make this dragon a great success and one of the best finds of the day. This was one item that I was surprised to see Alexandra purchase. I thought it was very interesting that this was an item that would be of desire, and it definitely opened my eyes to new and intriguing objects.

These letters are on a big trend recently. Many vendors were selling them in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. They look great together spelling out a word on a wall, or simply alone to accent any room.

This magnificent and vibrant piece is actually straight from a pinball machine. It is a superb find and was well desired by many of the vendors themselves at the show. We were lucky enough to snag this great piece before anyone else could get his or her hands on it.

After a successful day of buying, eating some good food, and bonding with the team, it was finally time to head back. The weather could not have been any more beautiful, and the merchandise available to buy was great. I personally had a great time, and I would most definitely recommend making the trip to experience the Brimfield Antique Show for yourself!

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Alexandra's Picks

Posted May 13, 2013

Hello! My name is Alexandra Grenham and this week I am guest blogging for Jamie Wood. I am the Creative Director and Buyer for Erie Drive and I carefully and lovingly handpick the items we carry.

I am super excited about each and every one of our items. Alexandra's Picks is my way of sharing the stories behind my finds and letting you know a little bit about what makes these products so special. 

The items you choose to put in your home are what surround you on a daily basis. If I am looking at or using something all of the time, it needs to be something I like, and ideally, something that makes me happy. I hope our products will give you those "yes!" moments of joy and pride whenever you use them. 

My goal for Erie Drive is to bring you unique and fun items that add a little something special to your everyday life. 

Vintage Hotel Room Number Plates, $19.99 each.

I love that each of these Vintage Hotel Room Number Plates has a little mystery attached. Who may have stayed in those rooms? Personally, I like them as key chains. The number plates have a nice weight and shape to them that makes them easy to find at the bottom of my purse. I am that lady rummaging around for objects in a big bag!

Fatboy Metahlowski Original Bean Bag, $399.99.

This oversize Fatboy Bean Bag makes for a great nap spot or cool, contemporary additional seating. It is great for movie nights, and is super comfy and durable enough to drag around the house.

I love the shininess of the Metahlowski. I think it just adds to the overall fun and gives this bean bag a stylish and sophisticated feel. My favorite way to blend textures is to pair metallic items with wood floors and wool rugs.  


Vintage Wooden Japanese Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, $59.99.

I was really drawn to how cute these salt and pepper shakers are, and actually had to resist keeping them for myself. Their hand-painted details are wonderful. You can tell how much love and care went into creating them. These little guys are just so fun and quirky and have so much personality.

A lot of love and thought goes into my selection of beautiful and special objects for Erie Drive. Thanks for letting me share my finds with you!

Want to know the story behind a specific item? Comment on Facebook or shoot me an email at

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A Closer Look: Bob's Your Uncle

Posted May 07, 2013

Today we're getting a closer look at an inventive company based out of our hometown of Boston: Bob's Your Uncle. This team of two brings bold and modern design to products ranging from graphic melamine plates and trays to illustrated alphabet flashcards. Many of BYU products are inspired by the road trips taken by Martin, Michele and their Jack Russell, Aimee, where they hunted for the rare and sometimes humorous vintage signs on the back roads of America. Travel along as we delve into the meaning behind Bob's Your Uncle and the travels that inspired them.

Can you introduce yourself and your company?

I am Martin Yeeles, co-founder of Bob's Your Uncle with my wife, Michele. We are a Boston based wholesale gift and stationery company founded in 2001. Originally from England, we moved to the states in 1993 “just for a year or two” and have been in Boston ever since. I am a graphic designer; Michele is a former shoe designer.

We're glad you stayed! Boston has a way of wooing its visitors. What made you come to Boston in the first place?

Michele was working as a shoe designer in London and her company transferred her to Boston. We had every intention of just staying for two years and then going back home to England. That was in 1993. I set up doing freelance graphics from home. After a couple of years Michele had the opportunity to study part-time for her MBA, funded by her employer, which took about 5 years to complete. By that time we had made roots here and settled into the way of life. We launched Bob's Your Uncle both in the U.S. and the UK. In the same year, we found a distributor for the UK and set about looking after the U.S. side of the business ourselves.

Launching two businesses at once is pretty impressive. Michele's newly achieved MBA must have been well worthwhile! What's the story behind the name Bob's Your Uncle by the way?

When we moved here we would often use the expression around Americans without really thinking about it. Back home, everyone says "Bob's your uncle" in lots of different situations. When it came to thinking of a name for our business we thought it was appropriate to our British-ness and memorable to anyone that didn't know the phrase. We researched its origins and this is what we found: “Bob’s your uncle” is a British expression used to indicate that a given task is very simple. Possibly inspired by Victorian Prime Minister, Robert Cecil, who appointed his nephew to a ministerial post, therefore to have Bob as your uncle was a guarantee of success.    

Very interesting! I love learning about the history of phrases. When it comes to tasks, simple or not, how do you and Michele divide business and creative responsibilities?

I design the majority of the BYU products but Michele will tell me whether something is a good idea or not. We work together on the color palette and specifying paper stock or finish. Michele takes care of the big picture side of our business - her title is Head Of All Things. Courtney, who has been with us for 5 years, is our Director of Operations.

A roadside scene from Martin and Michele's cross-country trip

The resulting photograph, Motel Pool print $195

So many of your products are inspired by your road trips across America, can you tells us about your cross-country trips and what inspired you to photograph the old roadside signs?

We had been on a similar road trip in 2001, just before we launched Bob's Your Uncle. It took us 2 weeks to go from Boston down to New Orleans and back. That's when we started photographing the old neon signs. Subsequently we used some of the images on our products, paper placemat pads for example. In 2011 I turned fifty, and rather than just celebrate the day itself I planned our road trip as a kind of sabbatical. I also felt that we needed to update some of the imagery we had been using, so it was a good excuse. Besides, after living here for nearly twenty years we hadn't seen the majority of the country. So this time around we were looking out for these signs by taking the two lane roadways through small towns rather than the major highways - that's why it took us 5 weeks! My brother lives near San Francisco so we had a destination. Apart from that we just took each day as it came, camping or staying in dog friendly motels (Aimee, our Jack Russell, loves the car).

Martin in action

I love all of your old sign photographs--I can't decide which is my favorite. What is your favorite roadside sign and why?

I have a few favorites, probably the one I enjoy the most is GAS. It's the final gas stop before you head into Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and the sign is huge, you see it coming from a long way off. I like its simplicity and the playfulness of the jaunty letters. We also went barn chasing - we had a list of the ones still standing that carried the Mail Pouch ad slogans, some of these were quite spectacular because of the scale of the lettering and the fact that you didn't expect to see them as you rounded a corner. They must have been very effective in their day.

An old barn with a sought after ad slogan, found on Martin and Michele's cross-country trip 

What's next for Bob's Your Uncle? Do you have anything in the works for more product lines?

We have collaborated with Lotta Jansdotter for a line of melamine ware which will be available in the summer. We have also recently re-launched an original collection of melamine by Russel Wright from the fifties. He was the Martha Stewart of his time and this collection is gorgeous. We also continue to work with Thomaspaul on his melamine lines; he has a new collection of sea life themed images called Amalfi. As for Bob - I've been working with an illustrator friend, Mark Fisher - he's been drawing the signs from my photos and we are intending to apply these images to new products for 2014.

One inspiration for BYU's new line for 2014, Cattleman's Club Print $195 

A soon-to-be released tray illustrated by illustrator Mark Fisher

Thank you so much, Martin, for this informative interview. We can't wait to see the new designs! Shop all of our BYU vintage sign prints, kids products, and melamine wares right here. For updates and news, be sure to visit Bob's Your Uncle's Facebook page. Cheerio!

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Last Minute Mother's Day Cards

Posted May 07, 2013
Printable Mother's Day card from Splash of Silver on Etsy

Given my love of paper and stationery, I never get around to actually buying a card for a special holiday. With so many choices, I don't usually have time to find the perfect sentiment online (let alone wait for it to ship), yet I'm hesitant to just grab any old card at the drug store. In my most desperate times of card-related need, I turn to Etsy, where I can instantly print a custom designed card for a very reasonable price.

Mother's Day is this weekend, and I'm sure I'll be in the same lack-of-greeting-card boat. To prepare, I've rounded up my favorite printable cards on Etsy that celebrate Mom.

Paper and Pip 

Splash of Silver 

Zest and Lime 

Spark My Mind Designs

EZ Party Kits 

Invitation to Mars 

A Stitch of Handmade 

What about you, readers? Do you take the time to pick out a perfect card, or do you turn to printables on Etsy? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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